Hiya! I'm Butterfluff!

If you like, you can imagine me as a four foot tall sphere of yellow fuzz. I can be found on several Multi User whatevers. Furtoonia and Spindizzy are my most frequent haunts, although I also spend some time on SPR, (full name SocioPoliticalRamifications, for some reason).


I make and collect plush animals, in a fairly narrow interest range. My latest handmade lizards, up for sale.

Another page of lizards I made. These have all been sold already.

Then there are the plushies I keep myself. I have some nice puppets.

My new puppets! (Large images)

I don't have as many plushies as I could have, but there are some nice ones. These are mostly store-bought.

New plushie pictures. (large images)

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