After snow

These are the pictures I took of the Tuesday a week after the snow. There are still mall glaciers, but the streets and some sidewalks are clear. The first group are similar to the neighborhood pictures in Big Snow.

The northern lawns are still deep in white stuff.

The sidewalk to the street is clear, but not the one parallel to the street.

Actually starting to have bare ground, on the southern lawns.

This car has not moved since the first snow, more than a week before.

A fairly tall mall glacier.

Two views of a combination snow plow/salt spreader.

These were taken on Thursday morning. Just an inch or two of new snow, no big deal... unless you were driving in it.

This is the interstate, and we are moving about five miles per hour. We bailed out at the next exit.

Snow boulders. They look like they could wake up like the boulder man in Galaxy Quest.

A mall glacier near Bennigan's.